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Repair – Transform

Let’s face it, your client’s homes are not always “ready for sale”. Staples Tub Services can help with that! We can repair damaged fixtures or transform an entire bathroom. Our licensed and insured technicians help stretch a budget so your client can get more for their home.

Tub and Tile Before & After

Chips and damage can be repaired fast back to “like new” condition. We can even update an entire bathroom in a single day, instead of the weeks it could take for a full construction renovation.  Staples Tub Services is the quickest an most economical way to get those two most important rooms, kitchen and bathroom, updated!

Less Time – Less Expense

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Chips & Cracks

It doesn’t take much to chip or crack a sink, tub or countertop. Surfaces can be easily damaged by having sharp or heavy objects …

Refinishing Process

Our refinishing technicians are actually part Designer, part Chemist, part Specialty Painter, and part Artisan.

Refinishing Terms

Every industry has its unique language. Find definitions for common words used in the refinishing industry.

Refinishing FAQs

Read frequently asked questions about the refinishing process performed by Staples Tub Services.

We color match any solid color!

Transform your Bathroom


Transform your Kitchen